Monday, July 25, 2011

I {heart} KSL

Every once in a while I cruise the classifieds on KSL. Every so often I find a fantastic bargain. I've been trying to look for electronic equipment to keep the kids busy for the 10 hours we'll be in the car heading for CA!! I decided I would try pod's. I found a ipod nano 3rd generation for 40 bucks. I talked to Ryan about it and a couple of days later I looked again and the price had dropped. We contacted the seller and we got it for $35!! The guy selling it said he found it in the car he bought. He has 2 and didn't need another one. Bonus for us. There are about 400 songs on it already. I'm going to sort through them and probably delete a bunch. From what I have looked at I think a girl owned it before, anyway I was stoked about my little bargain find. Its not the latest model but I'm OK with that!

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Tiff & Co. said...

Yay for a bargain! You gotta love that! And there may be some songs on there that you like.:)