Monday, April 25, 2011

Stupidd dog

Our dog Shooter has a girlfriend. She is a cute little dog that lives at a farm house just a little bit away from us. She will come visit him when he is tied up outside and he will disappear for hours and visit her. I'm not kidding either. He will be gone all day and the only reason he comes home is because I send one of the boys to get him. One night I let him out at about 11 pm. He was whining at the door. I would occasionally open the door and whistle. I did this until 2 am. Finally I got fed up and went to bed. Ryan got up around 3 am when he heard him at the door. I hope one day we do not get puppies left on our doorstep. Stupid dog!

1 comment:

Tiff said...

Eeeek! I hope that little female dog is fixed.