Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rough Day!

I had a rough day at church.

There was NO feeling of the spirit

and it probably rubbed off on others.

To you I am sorry!!

I am Coleton's primary teacher and today I was about ready to quit!!


screaming, running away, hitting, pouting, moping

WHY does he act like this??

I posted on Facebook...

"Why do I go? Its pointless right?"

I got lots of encouraging comments.


I needed that it made me feel much better.

After church I went for a drive

because I needed some cooling off time.

I wasn't gone very long.

As I was turning into the street I saw 2 friends who flagged me down.

All I can say is that the Lord is watchful and knows my needs!!!

They made me feel better about the situation.

I do know that going,

although sometimes feels pointless


Its where I need and WANT to be!!


Tiffany said...

I love you Amy. You are amazing. Did I ever tell you about the Sunday that Micah thought it would be fun to have a tantrum, wet his pants, and then RUN out of the building with the rest of the class after him. (7 kids chasing him down.) I feel ya! But you are doing a good thing.

ker said...

I'm right there behind ya if you ever need anything! Seriously turn around and give me "the look" or just leave if you have to and I'll take over from there! There is no need to feel helpless and frustrated- I've been there, with little children- and I always just thought 'if only someone would help me out.' I WILL!!

Jamie said...

I've had days like that when I feel that everyone is looking at me in Sacrament meeting and wondering why I can't control my kids. You are awesome and a wonderful mother! U are right, it is where we need to be, even if we don't feel it all the time. Hugs!