Thursday, March 24, 2011


BEWARE there are quite a few pictures. I picked out a few that highlighted our trip. I loved going and being able to spend that time with my my mom, sisters and brother and sister in law. The only thing I would have changed is to have the rest of our family that stayed home on the trip with us!
I never know whether to write about the picture on top or on bottom but if you decided to brave this post I will tell you about it on top since you are scrolling down. I hope you enjoy!!

Sarah and I on our last day watching the sunset.
We were just getting ready to go catch our bus to take us to the airport
for the red eye flight to San Fransisco where we had a 3 hour layover.

Mom and me on top of Diamond head. WOW what a hike! LOTS of stairs.
Me at the Dole plantation. Yuck Pineapple!

A close up of the Buddhist temple. It is a replica of a bigger one in Japan.

The grounds at the Buddhist temple. So pretty and LOST was filmed here!
It was pouring rain as you can see in the pond.

Another of the Valley of Temples. GORGEOUS!

This is a look out from Poli Point.
SO breathtakingly beautiful and WINDY!!!!
We were freezing and it was raining!

another shot from Poli Point.

Ammon, mom and me at Pearl Harbour.

My luau dinner at the PCC.
The purple rolls were sooo yummy!
I didn't take a picture but the coconut pudding and coconut cake were tasty!

Mom, Sarah and I at the luau.

this guy is playing a nose flute. AMAZING. I hope he wasn't sick :)

The girls at a beach in Waikiki
Mom, Rachel, Karla, Sarah and me

This is where we went snorkeling. Its called Haunama Bay. It was so fun!
I was really hoping we'd see a sea turtle but no such luck.
Lots of cool fish though.

This is Sarah and I on the day we got there.
Our Hotel gave us this really yummy drink.
I think it had pineapple juice in it and you all know how I feel about that fruit!

So we had a fantastic time. I'm so greatful that I was able to go.
We are already planning our next adventure.
Ryan says I have to wait until the boys are fully potty trained.
He did NOT have a good expierence while I was gone.
Lets just say stomach bug and lots of time spent changing diapers and in the bathroom.

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