Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm no criminal!!

I had a close call over the week end. I may be a bit of a drama queen but really I don't like being in trouble or the thought of being in trouble. I never have, so here is my tale!
I am not very faithful in checking the mail. (You need to know that because it pertains to this story.) We have a community box at the end of the street where everyone gets their mail. {If it was in front of my house I am sure I would get it everyday, but its not so I don't}
It had been about a week since I had checked the mail.
Thursday July 23rd. Ryan is working late and it is Spanish Fork Fiesta Days! I decide to take the kids down hit the carnival. We rode a few rides and walked around looking at all the white trash that carnivals bring. Seriously I don't understand it but we'll save that for another time. I stopped to buy diapers and wipes then headed home and decided to check the mail on my way! We got home kinda late and so I got the kids in bed and forgot about the mail until Friday morning.
Well Friday morning I start going through the mail and find a letter from the court. I open it and see that I was supposed to report for jury selection on
Wednesday July 21st
well It certainly was after that. I started to panic. I remember what they said about people who missed it the last time I was selected for jury duty. They can go to jail!!!
I prayed that the jurors were dismissed like is possible. I called Friday and NO ONE answered the phones I was so frustrated until Ryan mentions that the court is probably closed for the 24th of July. Stupid Utah holiday {really I love it}
I had to wait clear until MONDAY! So first thing this morning I call and find out that the lady with the information wont be in until 1 pm. GREAT!
So right at 1 I called and talked to Cathy and found out that the jurors were dismissed that day and I panicked all weekend for nothing. However it is good to know that I am NOT I repeat NOT in trouble! woo close call!
I also learned a valuable lesson that only checking the mail once a week is a BAD IDEA!! I am still on call for jury duty through September and am very willing to go serve if needed!


nellie rae said...

haha! you crack me up! i would have been panicking too! you got lucky!!! fo sho!

Suzanne Aguero said...

Amy! I check the mail about once every week and a half! I really dislike that it is so far away. Why should we have to DRIVE to get the mail! HAHA! Glad I'm not the only one....I miss bills all the time because I don't get the mail. Glad you are not going to jail!

Jamie said...

Glad you didn't have to go to jail. I would have panicked too! I'm sure it made for a long weekend! Love ya!!