Friday, July 16, 2010


Well as most of you may know Maceys is having an event called CHICKEN PALOOZA. Each store had to come up with different ideas to promote gold n plump chicken. It is a contest and each store is competing. Ryan was in charge at his store. He decided it would be fun to have live chickens. We have a family friend who farms and so Ryan called to see if he had any chickens.Sure enough he had 6 roosters he was willing to get rid of. So they came to stay with us.
Fortunately I have heard no COCK~A~DOODLE~DOO~ing.
The little roosters were trying to fly away so for their own good Ryan clipped their wings. He took them to work and that is when the trouble started.
There are some people in Provo that are to say it nicely, concerned over the roosters and their welfare/treatment. Apparently the corporate office received and few e-mails and there was a few complaints at the store level. Here are a few things that they had to say...
*Its unkind to clip their wings.
(OK we'll let them fly away and get loose and run out to the highway and get hit by a car. Why not let them fly away and land in the irrigation ditch and drown? or better yet we'll let a cat or dog get a hold of one)
*Its unkind to keep them corralled.
(OK where else should they be? running free all over the store? Pretty sure that is against the health code)
*Its unkind to have them on display they say.
(I just have to roll my eyes on this one. Have you ever been to a zoo?)
Seriously get over it.
Find a hobby and quite complaining.
People eat Chickens all the time.
{Its one of my favorite foods. Yummy BBQ'd dutch oven chicken.}
They are animals and were put on this planet to feed us humans. I shouldn't have to defend the treatment of the chickens since they have been living at my house, but so you are aware, they have been feed, watered, sheltered, even protected from the dog.
Oh Provo what is wrong with you??

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