Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adventures in Swimming.

Well today I got a call from my sister in law Erin inviting me to go to the Payson pool and go swimming. I thought how fun yeah I am game. OK so I was a little nervous about taking my wild bunch by myself but I thought at least Erin and Lindsay (my other sister in law) will be there. So when Gage woke up from his nap I fed him, gathered our stuff and we headed to the pool. The boys were so excited. We got there and found our group and the kids hit the water.

The Payson pool is so fun there is a lazy river and splash pads and a very fun water attraction that dumps water when the bucket is full. There is slides for little kids and big kids. Lots of ways to stay cool and enjoy the summer. I had just bought Remington and Coleton these water skateboards the day before and so they brought theirs along. We hadn't been there very long when some kid came up and asked Remington if he could borrow it then took it and ran. Remington didn't seem to mind so I let it go although I was bugged. Remington wanted to go in the lazy river so I went over with him. we went around a few times and saw the kid with Remington's "skateboard". He and another friend were taking turns and when Remington tried to get it they weren't really letting him have it. However Remington decided he wanted to go on the big water slide. So he went up and I watched him come down he did awesome! I went back to check on Coleton and mentioned to Erin and Lindsay about the kid who had taken the "skateboard" and they are awesome and went and got it back(I would have done it myself eventually). They are so much more assertive than I am and I love them for it. I wish I was more like that sometimes. i think that I am getting more assertive being a parent that whole "mother bear thing".

I think Coleton started to get tired of playing in the little kid area or maybe it was that Remington and his cousins left him but he was restless and wandering. I was watching him and saw him start to go a little to far for comfort so I asked Erin to keep and eye on Gage and I followed Coleton. I caught up to him as He was heading toward a deeper end of the pool and right before I could grab him he ran and JUMPED into the water. There was a lifeguard who immediately jumped in after him and pulled him out. I said thank you and started to leave but was informed that we needed to go fill out a report. FABULOUS!! That would be my little dare devil. It wasn't bad they got his name, our address, phone number and I had to sign it.

So when it was time to leave (yeah there is more) we gathered the kids and Remington started throwing a HUGE fit. Out of no where WOW I don't know where it came from except that he said he was hungry. Needless to say he won't be playing the Wii or watching cartoons for the next week.

At least the boys are worn out and should sleep good tonight. Erin will probably think twice before calling me to swim again, but Gage was good and no trouble except that he cried every time I left him.

AHHHHH So much drama for a little trip to the pool. Not that it surprises me.


Tiffany said...

The joys of taking kids anywhere!:) We are going tomorrow, Monday. I love the Payson pool-lots of fun. You are brave to take 3 boys anywhere by yourself. I won't go anywhere with all of my boys unless Mark, or my mom, is with me.

Erika and family said...

You are brave to take them all by your self! How scary about Coleton, that sounds like something both of my kids would do. I am glad he is okay! I am looking forward to seeing you in about 1 month, the boys will have fun together, Parker didn't want to leave last time after he made "friends"! See you soon!

Marty and Jamie said...

You are very brave! I have yet to decide whether I want to take my kids swimming my myself. Sounds like drama my kids would have:)