Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Barn Visit

Every day when I pick up Coleton from school we pass this little barn. There are sheep and chickens and I'm pretty sure I've seen a pig or two. Today I happened to see a few lambs. I asked Gage if he saw them and he said no. I told him I'd point them out on the way home. We picked up Coleton and headed home. On our way past the barn I stopped in the middle of the road where they could see the lambs. The farmer was there and invited us in. He was the nicest man and let the boys pet the sheep and even hold one. Then he showed them the chickens and let them pet one. They all had names and he knew them all. He was talking to them and asking questions and invited us back any time. i wish I had had my camera to take a few pictures. It was a fun impromptu visit!

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tiffany andhersons said...

Those are the things they will remember. Good for you for stopping. You are a great mom!