Saturday, August 11, 2012

to pin or not to pin

Pinterest just may be my down fall! I spend more time there than anywhere else. I find the most amazing things of all sorts.
One thing is HOMEMADE CLEANERS!! I tried DIY laundry soap and am really liking it! I also tried DIY laundry softener. I'm not completely sold but it isn't bad. I think I am going to buy a container of purex or downy crystals and add it to my homemade soap for the added clean and softener. Yep that idea came from pinterest too. I also discovered that my liquid fabric dispenser comes apart for cleaning. Who knew? Pinterest did! So I cleaned my washing machine. It wasn't hard and now it looks brand new.
Don't get me started on all the recipes on Pinterest. HOLY COW!!! I could try something new everyday for every meal for 5 years and probably never get through them all. This week for dinner I tried 2 news recipes. One was a pork roast that had Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, rosemary and thyme. It was delicious!! I also tried a zucchini tot. Not such a hit but it could be because i put them on the grill to cook and not in the oven because I didn't want to heat up the house. I'll try it again when the weather cools and I can get an even cooking temperature.
Oh Pinterest I waste a good part of my day with you and I need to cut down on our time together. You are addicting but I am glad you are there as my go to advice/info/idea place!!


tiffany andhersons said...

That's another thing I cut out. As much as I loved all of the wonderful ideas, I lived without it before and I can live without it again. I did find some really amazing ideas, but I honestly think that if I needed them all I would have to do is Google. Okay, I'm off my righteous soap box. Love you!!!

cellosara said...

Pintrest is often referred to as "virtual hoarding". I'm glad it's virtual, or there would be a problem.
You mentioned cleaners. I found a terrific one for getting grease and above all, PIT STAINS out of clothing.
equal parts BLUE Dawn dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. mix to paste and scrub in. It is freakin' amazing! (It has to be the blue one, because the other colors aren't labeled as DISH cleaner. with the grease cutters. The other colors are anti-bacterial, without the grease-cutting properties.