Friday, June 17, 2011

Gage turns 3

I was so excited when I found out Gage was going to be born in June. Thoughts of water games for his birthday and pool party's floated threw my head. I have ALWAYS wanted to have that for my own birthday but October is just NOT a good month for that. Neither of my other 2 have warm birthday months either. So for the last 2 birthdays we have planned BBQ's and both have ended up inside due to cold weather and rain/snow. Yes snow in June. Finally this year the weather cooperated and was nice for a outside BBQ. The day was beautiful! We decided to have a little "wienie roast" We cooked hot dogs on the grill and had a few salads with fruit & chips. Gage was so excited. In fact while we were in my mom's backyard visiting and enjoying each others company Gage sneaked into the house and started opening his presents. The little stinker. Fortunately I discovered him before he did to much damage and we brought him outside to open the rest. It was a frenzy of flying paper and tossing of toys to the side to get to the next. His favorite gifts included Lighting McQueen cars of all shapes, sizes, and noise levels. He also LOVED the cape that my mom made for him. OH and don't forget the package of gum from his aunt and he had been enjoying the pool he got to. Pictures of that later (If I dare take my camera out. The giraffe on it sprays far!)

 He kept handing things to Ryan's Grandma to open for him. He knows how the system works.
 notice the tongue? He means business!
 Lighting the candles on the cake is a little harder when you are outside and there is a slight breeze blowing.

We are so blessed to have such a supportive family that will come and help us celebrate milestones. We really love each and everyone of you!!

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