Thursday, October 14, 2010

COLETON is 4!!!

4 years ago this child was born!
He came into this world on a Friday!
He is so sweet and so funny.
He keeps me laughing all day long.
He is strong willed and determined and has a mind of his own.
He loves to play with his brothers. Especially the older one!
He loves to be outside.
He loves to play the Wii.
He loves to read books.
He loves to play with his toys,
trucks, dinosaurs, ninjas!

Coleton wanted to go out for pizza for dinner so we took him to pizza factory! YUM!! Ryan told them it was Coleton's birthday and they made him his very own pizza in the shape of a 4. They also let him choose a dessert and he chose a sucker. Which is not surprising because this kid will pass up sweets. Crazy I know! I asked him what the best part of his day was and he said it was opening his presents. His favorite he says is his gun and his nano bug! We are having a extended family party for him on Saturday. He is excited for that too!

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