Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its all about ME right??

I seem to be surrounded by this attitude of ME ME ME!! Is selfishness a fine line? Am I being selfish because I hate this "me first I'm the most important attitude"?
I can see how there is so much road rage and anger and hate in the world because of this way of thinking. Every time I get in the car to drive anywhere there is always some one who has to be 1 more car ahead or run the red light because heaven forbid that you have to wait for a few minutes or drive just a little bit slower.
Perhaps if we all took into consideration other peoples feelings and didn't think about ME all the time things would be different.
Even in my own home there is a selfish attitude and it seems to be contagious.
Things like "I don't want to share" or "I am going to do what I want and it doesn't matter what you say" or "He got it so I need it"
How can I change this and get my own little family myself included to think of others and how they feel? I must say that sometimes it is easier to consider the feelings of strangers. Why is that?
Shouldn't we care more about those that we live.
Care more abouut how they feel and what they think?
Maybe I need to look closer at myself and the example that I am setting toward those that share a house with me.
My family needs a example of..
Maybe I need to change myself before I can change others!
I need to be this example!!


Jamie said...

I've been thinking about that a lot lately too. Maybe I need to be more of an example as well. Thanks for sharing!

Adam & AManda Baker Family said...

Amy, This topic came up last night while I was talking to my young women girls about personal progress. One of the things that the girls could choose to do is be kind to their siblings for two weeks. I was amazed at the response from the girls. THEY COULDNT'T DO IT!!! There was no way that they were going to try to be nice to their siblings. I was a little shocked. Anyway, there was a New Era article about personal progress titled "Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress"

The five reasons were
1: Because it can change the world
2: Because it can change you
3: Because you are so busy
4: Because it leads you to the Temple
5: Because it can help you reach your dreams.

Basically it was saying that personal progress helps you take your mind off of yourself and on to others. One girls said,

"Many of the biggest miracles in this powerful program are the most personal. During her sophomore year, Mary Mulvey found herself being pulled further and further away from church and family. “My life was going in a very bad direction,” she recalls. Then she was called into the Laurel presidency in her ward. Her adviser asked her to help get other girls involved with Personal Progress, so Mary started working on it herself. “I started with some of the easier experiences,” Mary explains. “For two weeks, I tried being nicer to my older sister, and that really changed our relationship.” Next she set goals to clean up her language and improve the way she dressed. “Everything I did helped change my overall attitude. I was changing all the little things that had pulled me away in the first place.”

Soon Mary felt worthy to receive her patriarchal blessing, another huge help in her life—especially when she lost her old group of friends and had to start over socially at school. “Personal Progress was life changing,” Mary reflects. “It redefined who I am and helped me see where I need to go in my life.” As her last value project, Mary set a goal to go to the temple regularly to do baptisms for the dead. Today people in her ward often tell Mary that she now has a visibly brighter countenance. It all started when she started her Personal Progress."

sorry this is so long but I guess the point im trying to make is it does start with us and it could start by something as little as being nice to our family. You are right, it's crazy that we are nicer to strangers than to our own family. It's amazing the difference a little change in our life could do.