Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well most of you are aware of our job offer in Huntington. We have been waiting on health insurance. big fat GRRRRRR!!!! Does that give you a clue to how things are going?

We have applied with 2 different insurance agents. The first took almost 3 weeks to get an answer. When we finally got it it was not what we wanted to hear. Amy and the boys are covered
Ryan was denied. The second is the same story.
So here we are hanging in the balance unsure of what we are doing.

Should we go? Should we stay?

As of now we are still here. I guess it is a good thing that the Adams didn't want to buy our house. Maybe the Lord knows something that I don't. Maybe it is an answer to a prayer.
So now we are debating...
*Does Amy quit her job?
*Does Ryan go and work in Huntington when he can?
*Do we just scrap it altogether?

Who knows certainly not me. I will keep you posted.

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